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keep your ears not only warm but stylish with these handmade crochet StarMuffz☆!

these StarMuffz are made-to-order and handmade with love and positivity.

customize your StarMuffz to the fullest! you are able to select the color of the stars, the headstrap, and the strings (& the mini stars if you choose to include them)! you can keep it classy and have it all one color, or mix-and-match and create different color combinations.

if you are all about stars, add mini stars to the ends of your StarMuffz! (optional)

you can customize the length of the strings. you must select the length of the strings you prefer. “regular” length strings are approximately 10 inches. “long” length strings are approximately 12 inches. if you want it really long, select the “extra long” string option, measuring at approximately 14 inches.

one size fits most. StarMuffz are adjustable and customizable. you can either tie the StarMuffz under the chin or in the back by the nape of the neck. they serve as an accessory. you can also wear them around your neck either tied or untied.

*☆ each pair is unique and made-to-order. processing time is about 2-4 days before being shipped. ☆*

if you have any special requests, feel free to reach out after ordering and I will try my best to accommodate. REQUESTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. 


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